I translate your texts with rigor and skill, in a precise and fluid style, from German, English and Swedish into French. I naturally undertake the necessary research for special issues. In addition, I propose the proofreading and editing of texts, summaries and reviews of books and articles.
My fields of expertise include architecture and urban planning, landscape and garden design, literature, music and fine arts, social sciences, history and geography.

Over the years, the translation of a wide range of works and the in-depth research it requires have enabled me to perfect my skills, acquire specific terminology and fine-tune my sense of the right word and the right balance of a sentence.

Communicate with the client, guarantee my confidentiality, respect formats and deadlines are steadfast rules to me.

I also work as a guide at the Philharmonie of Berlin and in two museums dedicated to the history of the former GDR.
I sometimes propose and organize architectural and cultural tours in Berlin in one or two of the languages I speak.